Monday, September 17, 2018

"Tournament of Rapists" - Three Years On, What We All Definitely Learned And Did Not In Any Way Forget Or Overlook

"Finally, some peace and quiet!" My house, before I let it run down.
In late summer 2015, a significant kerfluffle (don't ever use those two words together part 2: together again), erupted regarding a Drivethrurpg-sold supplement called Tournament of Rapists, a supplement for the Black Tokyo d20 Modern game line.  It resulted in a clarification of OneBookshelf's content policies, and an outcry that freedom of speech had been completely destroyed; permanently eliminated, never to return.

This news was a great relief to me. I for one was enthusiastic about an impending future where all free expression was eradicated, and I'm sure wasn't the only one: "Finally, some peace and quiet!"  Still, somehow I survived, and so did RPGs and, shockingly, so did talking about  them on the Internet.