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What's On The Stove? - Breaking Quarantine

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Rutgers University Evacuation Zone - NOTICE

All able-bodied persons must take a shift on the walls.  Deposit all unused ammunition in one of three depots.

All food must be deposited in the central repository when obtained.

Clean water is currently available.  Wash your hands regularly and shower daily.  This may not stop the infection but it will assist in the maintenance of the Evac Zone.

Do not waste ammunition on infected beyond the fence.  Do not display lights or make loud noises in the quarantine zone.

If you must leave the quarantine zone for any reason, when you return, approach the quarantine zone slowly with your hands held in the air.  Use a radio countersign.  Speak in a normal voice.  This will assist in differentiating you from the infected.

Radio communication with National Guard evacuation centers is for official use only.  No information is currently available outside the evac zone.

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Breaking Quarantine is a Lost-a-like set in a zombie apocalypse.  The characters must manage dwindling supplies and conflicts among fellow survivors, while scavenging the buildings and locations around the safe zone.  They will also have flashbacks to formative episodes or decisions in their life before the collapse of civilization.  And maybe they are connected to the infection somehow, or slowly begin to learn what happened...

This almost definitely use the zombie types from Left 4 Dead.  I really like the tactical combination that these "infected" offer.  Got a solid plan for this game using All Flesh Must Be Eaten.  (You can get this at rpgnow for a ridiculously low sum.  Don't miss One of the Living, especially.)

Another interesting tool for this one might be Google Maps or Google Earth.  With these tools, I can actually track a modern-day exploration/scavenging game door to door, or at least neighborhood to neighborhood.  Imagine opening up a map and saying "Okay, we're going to hit this supermarket, then this church to see if they have any supplies, then get back to the evac zone before nightfall."

Currently needs: A group that hasn't done post-apocalypse recently.

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