Friday, March 30, 2012

Xavier's Academy Hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying's Random Datafile Generation

Earlier this week, Margaret Weis Productions put out their random character generation download for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system.  Because I'm completely addicted to random character generation and also the Xavier's Academy milieu, here's my revisions!

Welcome to Professor Xavier's Academy for Gifted Stuents.

All characters are Mutants - they have the Mutant Limit and step up one of their Power Traits after rolling them all.  Instead of rolling on Origins, roll a d10 on the following table for students:

1-2  Inexperienced Mutant Dope Just Off The Bus From Iowa Or Kansas Or Wherever. One Power Set.  Add an additional SFX.
3-4 Streetwise Mutant Who Was With The Morlocks Or Some Gang Or Something.  One Power Set.  Gain the Crime or Menace Expert Specialty.
5-6 Innocent Mutant Whose Supportive Parents Protected Them From The Harsh World.  One Power Set.  Identity must be private.  Gain SFX: Step Back a Power Trait (your choice) if you're able to use it stealthily, so that nobody knows you're a dirty mutant.
7-8 Upperclassman Mutant Who Knows The Score And Has Actually Been In The Danger Room Once Or Twice. One Power Set.  Add an additional d8 Power Trait to that Power Set.
9-10 Powerful Mutant People Are Kind Of Worried About And Who Is Damn Sure On A Government Watch List Somewhere.  Two Power Sets. At least one Power Set has a Limit related to going mad with power or losing control or blowing up innocent people or whatnot.  If the highest Power Trait in all the Power Set is not a d12, make it a d12.

Here's the teacher chart, roll a d8:

1-2 Wow, Xavier's Academy! I Can't Believe I'm Really Here! One Power Set.  Add an additional Expert Specialty in Science, Psych or Medicine.
3-4 Special Kids With Special Problems.  One Power Set.  Add an additional SFX related to protecting people to your Power Set.
5-6 Not Actually A Mutant - Just That Good.  Roll on normal Origin chart, ignoring any Mutant results.
7-8 I'm An X-Man, Not A Teacher!  Two Power Sets, one of which may not be a Mutant power.  You may take Combat Mastery for free instead of just Expertise.

Go through the remainder of the character creation process normally.  However, troubled teenagers with superpowers rarely have as many Specialties as grownup crimefighters, so for students, instead of rolling for Specialties, just pick one if you are an underclassman and 1+ Combat Expert if you're old enough to have spent some time in the Danger Room getting taught what to do when purple death robots show up to murder you.  Teachers generate Specialties as per normal.

Students roll on this table twice, once for their Favorite Class, once for their Worst Class.  Teachers, roll on this table for the Class you Teach and once on this table for the class taught by your Rival or Enemy.

1 - English/Literature/Other Humanities Class
2 - Music/Art/Other Performance Class
3 - Mathematics
4 - Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Other Science Class
5 - Phys Ed (other than Danger Room)
6 - History/Geography/Other Social Studies Class
7 - Theoretical Physics/Applied Occult Studies/Mutant Genetics/Some Weird Marvel Universe Class
8 - All Your Classes ("I hate all my classes!" "I love all my classes!" "I'm a sub, I teach wherever I go", etc.)

One Distinction should relate to your status at the school.  Coming soon, some good Xavier's Academy Milestones!