Friday, December 14, 2012

#WoDHistorical - 1801-1850

On my twitter feed, I've been doing a #WoDHistorical hashtag that gives one campaign idea for every year in the nineteenth century. You can follow me there if you're interested. So this will be the first of two blogposts where I collect and summarize these campaign hooks.  Enjoy the first fifty.

And remember, these are 140-character ideas. If they involve marginalized people or sensitive subjects, please treat them with way more research, involvement and respect than 140 characters can convey, right? Right.

1801 - The Pasha of Tripoli started a war; 1) the USA wouldn't pay more cash, 2) the damn vampires made him. PCs: Muslim Pirates/Hunters.

1802 - Perpetual Diet annexes the Prince-Bishophric of Augsburg, including an ancient building. Promethean PCs were cursed to sleep there.

1803 - Despard was hanged before he could destroy the Bank of England, so the ancient beast escaped the vault. Vampire PCs threatened. 

1804 - In the new Republic of Haiti, authorities seek a French SOB for horrible crimes; he's a Veil Guardian who says he was justified. 

Muhammad Ali Pasha, image from touregypt.
1805 - Muhammad Ali Pasha, popular, takes power in Egypt. But the spirit war escalates when packs split over Mamluk killings. 

1806 - In Napoleon-occupied Warsaw, Loyalists drive soldiers mad, mask kidnappings under the mass disappearance of refugees.

1807 - Copenhagen blasted with phosphorous rockets to prevent surrender to France; fire everywhere. Vampire hunters waiting. GO.  
1808 - The Duchy of Warsaw faces bankruptcy; its people impressment. 4 Prometheans leave Krakow in a rush, secrets sewn into their bodies.

1809 - Merriwether Lewis dead; he argued with an unseen presence and suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Ruled a suicide.  

1810 - A 90 day campaign - every day played fully - in the Republic of West Florida, surrounded by Spanish and American troops.  

1811 - Fleeing Tenskatawa's religious purges and Harrison's army, Forsaken natives and pioneers must prevent spiritual annihilation.

(Guest villains: English Awakened stirring up trouble and making everything worse, Mississippi River spirit "reversing course")
1812 - The unexpurgated Kinder-und Hausmarchen tells how to kill the Fae. They're pissed. Find it. Before Winter Ends. -Kassel

1813 - Orfila formalizes toxicology, discovering a poison so potent that all of Paris could be corrupted by Abyssal serpents.  

1814 - The Constitution of Apatzingan is issued in triumph. Royalist Invictus are hiding, desperate for relief. Find, kill them.  
A Twitter follower was talking about Vampire, so in his honor, here's a bunch of Vampire campaigns:

1815 - Not the revolution, but the peace threatens Serbian Carthians. Old foes are back, smiling, with all you ever wanted.

1816 - British traders smuggle stone coffins to the Malay Peninsula. The PCs inside paid them to, but can't remember why anymore.

1900 postcard showing Neutral Moresnet territory. Wikipedia.
1818 - Moresnet goes stateless. The most lavish hidden den of Daeva-bauchery on the Continent opens for business. You're invited.

Yes, I just invented the word "Daeva-bauchery", WHAT UP

1819 - 'Ai noa (lit. "free eating") in Hawai'i after Kamehameha's death - all kapu ended. No need to hide yourself now. Right? 

Bonus dramatic countdown: time between 'ai noa's start and the arrival of the first Christian missionary: measured in months.

In honor of Election Day, here are some election-related campaigns:

1820 - A unanimous country re-elects Monroe, one elector, William Plumer, says no. The Prince lost a bet; wants him dead.

1821 - In Gran Colombia, Bolivar takes power. His agent calls on the Changing Breeds to shepherd spirits brutalized by royalist magi.

1822 - Illinois' governor: proslavery Phillips or antislavery Cole? An evil force conquers an entire town to get those last 200 votes.

1823 -  Pius VII is dead. Conservative zelanti & moderate politicanti cardinals come to Rome; The Lance begins an elaborate salon.

1824 - Presidential election falls to House. JQ Adams wins, deploys investigators to GA. What is Jackson hiding from Seminole days?

1826 - The 1st real photograph is taken. The first dark things from a world only cameras can see slink into ours, fuzzy around the edges.

1827 - The first friction match is named "lucifer". Why name it that? "It's part of the deal, okay?" 

1828 - Vientiane is burned to the ground by the Siamese. Your masters must be kept safe in the forest, the sun would burn them to cinders.

1829 - The first bobbies go on patrol in London during a brisk September, along with the first officers.

THE ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS IS OVER; Welcome to the 1830s, where  we all hate each other.
 1830 - This year, 10K chests of opium are smuggled/sold in China. It's a good gig if you can get past the sirens and river monsters.

1831 - The Beagle departs Plymouth on Darwin's historic voyage. The Guardians of the Veil must keep the real beasts out of spyglass range.  

1832 - June Rebellion divides France; Republicans, Legitimists & Orleanists riot. Will rise above rage & save starving spirits? (That one is the most stylish game you'll ever run, by the way. You're welcome.)

1833 - Lovelace meets Babbage. Really, Lovelace's fetch meets Babbage. Lovelace & her motley escape the Hedge clutching three cogs.

1834 - US Coast Survey suddenly is pressed on the Navy; the forbidden inlet long prayed lost has suddenly reappeared.
1835 - "Life in Canada may not be easy, but it's better than in chains. Just cross this Hedge. I'll take you the rest of the way."  

1836 - Chatsworth Head uncovered on Cyprus; a Left Handed Path has the eyes. They must not be permitted to complete the statue.

The mob that killed Elijah Lovejoy. Wikipedia.
1837 - Elijah Lovejoy shotgunned in Illinois. He finds Alton's other ghosts in a deplorable state. Will there be freedom even in death? 

1838 - A year of "relocations", religious bounty hunters and native death marches in America.  Promethean PCs find no rest on the prairie. 

1839 - Oberto, Verdi's first opera, opening at Teatro la Scala, holds luscious crowds of Milanese enthralled; hides a dark Daeva secret.

1840 -  8 Jews falsely accused of ritual murder in Damascus; torture & riots follow. Where did the Franciscan monk really go?

1841 -  The first census in the UK locates a town that should have been lost long ago. The PCs, census workers, are trapped, far from home.

1842 -  Ethiopian civil/religious war makes weapon smuggling a lucrative trade. "May the Sanctum anoint our efforts with sacred Vitae."

1843 - 3 PC ghosts must visit their former business partners to warn them of the consequences of their dastardly deeds. Merry Christmas! 

1844 - Jesus doesn't return on 10/22 as the Millerites thought, sending them into despair. But something awful IS reborn.

1845 - E Clampus Vitus: a rowdy, satirical fraternal order. But its parties distract onlookers from its Underground work.

1846 - The Virgin Mary appears to 2 children in La Salette, attracting pilgrims...and demons not as repentant as they thought.

1847 - The Communist League forms in London - the #Carthians are desperate to protect it from enemies all around.

1848 - Venice torn from Austria during war. Kindred return, remembering the glory days. It lasts 17 months, but they remember it forever.

Engraving of Ranvalona I. Wikipedia Commons.
1849 - Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar continues repression of Christianity. Without the Lance, it becomes a monastic Ordo Dracul hideaway.

1850 - Mirza Ali-Muhammad (self-proclaimed 12th Imam) executed by firing squad. Somehow every shot missed the first time. #ReallyHappened 

And that's the first fifty years!  Stay tuned for the next 50, and follow me on Twitter if you want them "in the moment".  After this we will launch a massive campaign to get me to actually write historical mini-campaign  supplements for The Onyx Path.