Friday, August 5, 2016

Bonus Non-Math Survey! The Story-Games Google+ Community!

Just for funsies, I broke down the posts on the much-lower-traffic Story-Games Google+ Community:

Community search for: "OSR" 

Promotional Posts/Comments for OSR Games: 8
Posts or comments directing people to an OSR blogpost: 4
OSR mentioned in list of other things: 9
OSR technique discussed: 4
Etymology debate: 1

Community search for "old school", omitting any already-counted results:

Promotional posts/comments for old school blogposts: 5
Old school approach recommended to fix problem: 2
"Old school" in list of other things: 2
"Old School" mentioned glancingly while talking about another subject: 1

However!  I did find the first instance of a discussion of "old school" gaming as it related to a discussion of inclusion and privilege.  A guy pointed out that old school D&D didn't require everyone to buy the books, making it more accessible to those that didn't have a lot of money than modern D&D.

Yes, old school gaming was alleged by a Story-Games Community poster to be more inclusive, the first time inclusion was ever mentioned in the same conversation as "old school".