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Less Math! - The RPGs talked about on story hyphen games dot com

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When I got bored from reading comments, looking for negativity against the OSR like witch hunters look for witches (and just as successfully!), I just paged through old threads.

 Anyway, here's an interesting thing. This is a list of the last 25 games that story hyphen games dot com posters have been interested in enough to make a thread about it. So, not games that are given as answers to questions or discussed when discussing experiences, but games that story hyphen games dot com is interested enough in discussing on their own.

I also eliminated all games that are still in development/not finished. But I didn't eliminate duplicates. If people wanted to talk about the same game in multiple threads, I left that in to show interest.  When two games are mentioned in the thread title, I list them both.

Note that not all of these games are in threads that are unreservedly positive. Several are like "The Quiet Year - am I doing it wrong?" or things like that.

When I figured out how to page around by year, I did it for several past years too.

Which game do you think story-games spoke about most recently? Ready to find out?

Games Story-Games.Com Had A Thread About


(counting backwards from 8/1/16)

  1. Mountain Witch
  2. Godbound
  3. Mermaid Adventures
  4. Monsterhearts
  5. D&D Expert Set
  6. Diadem
  7. Hillfolk
  8. Hackers & Hustlers (a Lasers & Feelings hack...not sure if you want to count hacks...oh well, it's in!!)
  9. Sweet Agatha
  10. Dungeon World
  11. The One Ring
  12. The Fifth World
  13. D&D
  14. Apocalypse World
  15. HeroQuest
  16. Apocalypse World
  17. Apocalypse World
  19. Tale of the Crystals
  20. D&D5e
  21. Fiasco
  22. Mobile Frame Zero
  23. The Quiet Year
  24. D&D5e
  25. D&D
These 25 games were talked about over the course of 6 months - the last D&D reference on the list happened on June 24.


Counting backwards from the random date of December 1, 2015....

  1. Great Minds
  2. Feng Shui 2e
  3. FFG Star Wars ("All Books"; as the "oh my god" guy from Troll 2 once said, "oh my god")
  4. Symbaroum
  5. Lovecraftesque
  6. Feng Shui 2e
  7. DayTrippers
  8. House of Reeds
  9. World of Darkness
  10. Svart av kval, vit av lust
  11. Monsterhearts
  12. Apocalypse World
  13. Lasers & Feelings
  14. D&D5
  15. Cthulhu Dark
  16. A Sundered World
  17. Silver Screen Nightmares
  18. Feng Shui 2
  19. Archipelago
  20. Lady Blackbird
  21. FFG Star Wars
  22. Microscope
  23. AD&D
  24. Apocalypse World
  25. The Quiet Year
Showing just how much more active the forum used to be only 9 months ago, it only took 2 months to have these 25 threads (along with the many other threads not directly about one game). Thread #25 was posted in October 2015.


Counting backwards from May 1, 2014....

  1. The Dance and the Dawn
  2. Microscope
  3. Torchbearer
  4. Whitehack
  5. Delve
  6. Trail of Cthulhu
  7. Tenra Bansho
  8. Shaintar: Legends Unleashed (The only really hostile thread-starter post I found so far...)
  9. Lady Blackbird
  10. D&D4e
  11. Whitehack
  12. Gumshoe
  13. Action Castle
  14. Torchbearer/Dungeon World/D&D ("edition war thread", lol)
  15. Lady Blackbird/Rifts
  16. Whitehack
  17. Fate Accelerated
  18. Apocalypse World
  19. Shadowrun
  20. Michtim
  21. Gumshoe
  22. Great Ork Gods
  23. Monsterhearts
  24. Monsterhearts
  25. Michtim
It took 2 months for these 25 threads (along with the many non-game-specific threads) to be posted.


Counting backwards from (randomly selected) June 1, 2013:

  1. Burning Wheel
  2. Cthulhu Dark
  3. Dungeon World
  4. InSpectres
  5. AGON
  6. Early Dark
  7. Cartooner
  8. Mythender
  9. The Quiet Year
  10. Monsterhearts
  11. Saga of the Icelanders
  12. Monsterhearts
  13. Monsterhearts
  14. Burning Wheel
  15. Burning Wheel
  16. Cartooner
  17. AD&D (Hey, that's my thread!)
  18. Do
  19. Hell for Leather
  20. Apocalypse World
  21. Dungeon World
  22. Marvel Heroic
  23. OVA
  24. Fiasco
  25. Mouse Guard
All these posts occurred in less than 1 month.


Starting at March 1, 2012 and working backwards:

  1. Storming the Wizard's Tower
  2. Prince's Kingdom (?)
  3. Mobile Frame Zero
  4. Marvel Heroic
  5. Fiasco
  6. Dungeon World
  7. Wraith: the Oblivion
  8. Metamorphosis Alpha
  9. Dwimmermount
  10. 111 mph
  11. Smallville
  12. Doctor Who
  13. Fate/Amber
  14. The Dark Room
  15. Fiasco
  16. Marvel Heroic
  17. Dresden Files
  18. Mouse Guard
  19. Mystic Empyrean
  20. D&D Basic
  21. Shock
  22. Solar System
  23. Bliss Stage
  24. Fiasco
  25. Mist-Robed Gate
These posts occurred in less than 1 month.

No Conclusions Without Math!

So I won't make any conclusions.

However, it does seem to me from just eyeballing these results, that as D&D's domination of the RPG cultural space has grown over the last four years, it has done the same to Only Apocalypse World has the type of reach D&D does at story hyphen games dot com these days.